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State Optical Co.

State Optical Co. is the only brand of luxury eyewear made in America! These frames are handcrafted in Chicago U.S.A.  Hours of hand polishing and beveling go personally into each frame. A 3 barrell hinge is locked into place by a patented nylon sleeved screw offers tremendous support and prevents loosening. There is no other hinge like it in the world.  Stop by and try on our newest line of luxury eyewear!

We Now Have Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

New at The Vision Clinic! We recently acquirred Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. Costa's patented 580 lense block harsh yellow and blue light while enhancing reds, blues, and greens. This results in less haze and blur and greater clarity and contrast. Available in glass or polycarbonate lenses and in your prescription or plain lenses. Costas are beyond polarized, making them a must have when hitting the lakes and rivers this summer. Come in and check them out!

Supporting Our Community

Our Staff at The Vision Clinic believes in supporting our community and donating our time and talents. When you support our business we in turn support others. As a whole we have donated time and or funds to the following organizations:  St. Jude's Partner in Hope   American Red Cross   Special Olympics   Disabled Veterans   Northshore Nordic Club   Flathead Booster Club   Flathead Braves Basketball   Flathead Braves Football   Kalispell Wrestling Club   Flathead Food Bank   Boston Children's Hospital   Dr. Kinney Sids Research   Kitty Mom Organization Food Donations   Walleye Unlimited   Mothers of Preschoolers   Relay for Life   National Cancers Survival Day   Family Life Christian Church   Rotary Youth Basketball Coach  Glacier High School Booster Club  United Way   Glacier Football Club   Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation   Canvas Church   St. Matthews Church   St. Matthews School   Sparrow's Nest   DREAM   Trout Unlimited   Ducks Unlimited   Wounded Warriors   Casting for Recovery  

Back to School Eye Exams (2)

Eye doctors at the Vision Clinic encourage parents to start the school year on a healthy note by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam for your kids.

According to the American Optometric Association, a national advocacy group for public eye health, a child’s vision can change frequently or unexpectedly from ages 6 to 18 years old leading to behavioral and attention issues in the classroom.

While many schools offer basic vision screenings, eye care experts say it is better to get a full exam from an eye doctor because serious eye health issues may otherwise go undetected.

“One in four children have an undiagnosed vision problem simply because changes in their eyesight go unrecognized by both the child and their parents or guardian and often get worse over time,” said Dr. Stanley Smith, optometrist at the Kalispell Vision Clinic.

“Making a comprehensive eye exam a priority this year is one of the single most important investments you can make to your child’s education and overall health,” Smith said.

Save on Eyeglasses for Kids

Get ready for back to school with great savings on our kids and teens frame and lens packages!

Package includes a frame from our great selection of kids frames, an impact resistant lense with UV protection, and also thru October receive free Transitions and Anti reflective coating for no extra charge on the kids package.

Vision Clinic reminds parents to keep these four eye health and safety tips in mind:

1. Know that pediatric eye exams are most likely covered by your health insurance plan.

2. Look for indicators of eye health issues: Common signs that your child may have a vision problem include covering one eye, holding reading materials close to the face, a short attention span and complaining of headaches or other discomfort.

3. Prevent eye strain by monitoring use of digital devices: Increased exposure to electronic devices in and out of the classroom can cause digital eye strain, including burning or itchy eyes, headaches, blurred vision and exhaustion.

4. Wear proper eye protection for sports and outdoor activities: Well-fitting, protective eye wear and quality sunglasses that offer UV protection are also critical to maintaining key visual skills for sports and preventing injuries.

Latest HIPAA Notice

The HIPAA Privacy Rule gives individuals a fundamental right to be informed of the privacy practices of their health plans and of most of their health care providers, as well as to be informed of their privacy rights with respect to their personal health information.

Health plans and covered health care providers are required to develop and distribute a notice that provides a clear explanation of these rights and practices. The notice is intended to focus individuals on privacy issues and concerns, and to prompt them to have discussions with their health plans and health care providers and exercise their rights.

We've recently posted our latest notice online. Check it out here.

Now available in your prescription!

 Did you know you can get swim goggles in your prescription? Available in adult and children's sizes in a wide range of prescriptions.

We have the latest technology in lenses and eye comfort! BluTech lenses provide protection from sources of harmful high energy blue light. Do you work with computers and suffer eye strain? BluTech lenses give you soothing vision without altering or distorting color perception. Combine these lenses with an office progressive and improve your work experience!

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